Exciting days are ahead of us here at Harvest! We feel the leading of the Lord to begin work on the expansion of our current facility to press forward into a new season of growth in our local church body.  This project is not just about a facility, but is about our church becoming a ministry hub in our city, region and even into the nations. This project is a key step in us stepping into this new season!  

How can I help?

There are four practical ways we are asking people to jump in:
1. If you are currently a giver, please keep giving!
- Your commitment to giving is what has made this project possible)

2.  If you are NOT currently a giver, please pray about starting to give!
-At this time it is NOT in the plans to do a capital campaign to raise funds to build. With our current plan, the cost of this new facility will fit into our monthly budget.  That being said, we need all who call Harvest home to jump in and become a giver for us to continue to be great stewards of what God has blessed us with.  

3. If you are physically able, we will need your physical help!
- We will have work days that will include demolition, clean up, small construction projects, carpet laying and other chores that will help us get over the finish line.  

-Throughout the 20 years of ministry here at Harvest, God has faithfully led us  through our commitment to be a people of prayer.  We are asking you to join us all in covering this entire project in prayer! We believe that our prayers are effective, and will bring about a great harvest in the season to come! 

If you have any questions about this project please don't hesitate to contact us:

(940) 889-3399